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Condor Fly Control Light Trap


UV-A light trap for use in homes, offices, non-food shops and non-food warehouses

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The i-trap 40 HT Condor is constructed in such a way that the UV-A light emission is 360 degrees around the unit. The i-trap 40 HT has an all metal housing and uses a powerful UV-A lamp to lure insects into its trap.

PHILIPS UV-A Lamps® PHILIPS Long-life UV-A Lamp® output optimised to match the house fly’s vision spectrum guarantees you kill more flies.
VECTOTHOR Natural UV-A Light Technology™ VECTOTHOR Natural UV-A Light Technology™ uses an exclusive High Frequency Light Pulse which ensures flies see the light just like natural sunlight. Consequently far greater attraction is shown to the VECTOTHOR lamps.
VECTOTHOR Natural Contrast Grid™ VECTOTHOR Natural Contrast Grid™ mimics the natural way light is broken up when it shines through trees to more naturally attract flies.
Temperature optimised Glueboard Temperature Optimised Glueboard ensures total entrapment of the flies, even in tropical temperatures.
A silicone paper coating means the board can be quickly and simply replaced.
Download the VECTOTHOR brochure Download the VECTOTHOR brochure

Additional information


Area coverage

40 m² effective coverage

Light source

1 x 22 Watt UV-A lamp

Catch specifications

By means of short circuit proof high tension grid


ABS plastic and white powder coated steel

International Standard

acc. IEC 60.335-259 International Standard for Insect Exterminators through TUV-Rheinland

Lamp life time

9,000 hours

Degree of protection

IP 21 drip-proof

Mounting position

Wall mounted, ceiling mounted or free standing


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