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Fly Bait


Fast-acting fly attractant that contains both sugars and female sex pheromone for premium performance

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Fast-acting and highly attractive DIY Fly Bait that contains both sugars and female sex pheromone for premium performance. To maximise attraction Protect-us Fly Bait is blue in colour, which has been scientifically proven to be the most attractive colour for flies.

This versatile Water Dispersible Granule (WDG) fly bait can be used in multiple ways to suit any situation. The dry granule can be used to either scatter in problem areas or place into shallow trays/ dishes to attract flies in localised areas where flies and known to congregate. This is the best way to achieve optimal results.

Alternatively water can be added to Protect-us Fly Bait to change its properties to a paste for painting on to surfaces or even as a liquid spray. When moisture is added Protect-us Fly Bait can also be applied to wet hessian bags, sheets, cardboard or fabric.

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250g, 500g


Ready to use WDG

Active Ingredients

5 g/kg Imidacloprid 1 g/kg (Z)-9-Tricosene

Insecticide Group

Neonicotinoid / Pheromone



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