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HopStop – Cane Toad Control Spray


Humane spray for the DIY control of Cane Toads

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HopStop is a DIY Pest Control aerosol that can be sprayed directly onto Cane Toads to provide a humane kill without any need to touch the animals.

HopStop is a a patented Australian innovation that anaesthetises Cane Toads within seconds, and kills them humanely in 30 ‐ 60 minutes. Cane Toads are physically unmarked by the treatment and do not display unacceptable physical signs of distress or trauma as a consequence of treatment. In fact HopStop is recommended by the RSPCA for Cane Toad control, and by the Queensland Schools Animal Ethics Committee for euthanasing Cane Toads for school laboratory studies.

HopStop is safe to use around people and pets when used in accordance with the approved product label. Its active constituent, chloroxylenol, is an organic compound.

As well as being RSPCA approved, HopStop has also won the Australasian Aerosol Industry Association’s ‘Innovation Award’, and ‘Best New Product’ award.

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300 g



Active Ingredients

0.5 g/kg chloroxylenol

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