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AQUAVATE Mosquito Growth Regulator


Controlled, long-term prevention of adult mosquito emergence

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AQUAVATE Mosquito Growth Regulator uniquely uses Intelligent Granular Microencapsulation Technology™ to provide controlled, long-term prevention of adult mosquito emergence. AQUAVATE is an innovative approach to mosquito larval management programs providing effective control of both surface feeding and bottom feeding larvae. Intelligent Granular Microencapsulation Technology is a cutting edge innovation.

A grain of sand is coated with carbon and gypsum containing our Controlled Release Active Micro-capsules™ (CRAM-capsules). These liquid core CRAM-capsules measure just 5.5 μm (0.0055 mm) in diameter and contain the active ingredient within a natural chitosan shell. The active, (S)-methoprene, stops the development of mosquito larvae to prevent adult mosquito emergence.

The high mass core of the AQUAVATE granules means they sink to the water bed where the outer gypsum layer slowly dissolves, gradually releasing the CRAM-capsules. These capsules slowly rise to the surface during which time they continuously release the (S)-methoprene, ensuring even distribution through the water.

AQUAVATE can be used in a variety of areas including ponds, dams, woodland pools, or any natural water-holding features; in both open water situations or where water is obscured by vegetation. In fact AQUAVATE can be used anywhere where mosquito breeding is a current or potential problem.

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Ready to use Intelligent Granular Microencapsulation Technology™.

Active Ingredients

12 g/kg (S)-methoprene


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