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Insecticidal Dust


Ready to use, fast acting dust in a convenient puffer pack for a variety of pests including Ants and Wasps


The Protect-us range of products have tailored packaging designs and sizes that make them as easy to handle as possible, in quantities and volumes that are affordable and practical. Protect-us DIY Insecticidal Dust is packaged in a convenient ready-to-use puffer pack and is ready to be used on a variety of pests including Ants and Wasps.

The fine formulation of Protect-us Insecticidal Dust ensures maximum flow ability allowing the dust to carry further into cracks, crevices and voids to get where the pests are. The active constituent in Protect-us Insecticidal Dust, permethrin together with fine dust particle size provides effective flush out where required and fast knock-down when necessary.

Approved for use indoors and outdoors, Protect-us Insecticidal Dust can be used on floor coverings, upholstered furniture, mattresses and because the product is dry it can be used around electrical appliances.

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Ready to use dust

Active Ingredients

10 g/kg permethrin

Insecticide Group


Pests Controlled

Brown Ants, Black Ants, Grey Ants, Bed Bugs, Carpet Beetles, Cockroaches, Fleas, Silverfish, Wasps