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Professional Block Rodenticide


Single feed kill, for use in all situations against rats and mice

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One feed of this Professional DIY Block Rodenticide is all that is required to kill a rodent. Specifically developed for Australian conditions, Protect-us Professional Block Rodenticide uses the highest quality ingredients, to ensure it is irresistible to our rats and mice.

Aromatic feeding attractants ensure the rodents are lured to the bait and a high protein food base then ensures feeding. To increases its attractiveness, each block has several sharp corners providing numerous edges to satisfy the rodents need to gnaw.

Protect-us Professional Block Rodenticide is ready to use and suitable for a wide range of areas, including damp or dry locations; in and around homes, industrial, commercial premises, farms and other agricultural buildings.

Useful Downloads
Leaflet Insert Label (210g)
Leaflet Insert Label (1.5kg)
Leaflet Insert Label (3kg)
Leaflet Insert Label (8kg)

Additional information


210g, 1.5kg, 3kg, 8kg


All weather bait block

Active Ingredient

0.05 g/Kg Brodifacoum

Pests Controlled

Mice, Rats



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