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Rat & Mouse Monitor Block


The ideal method to monitor for rodent activity and avoid the unnecessary use of toxic baits.

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Protect-us RAT & MOUSE MONITOR BLOCKare 25 g non-toxic, extruded food blocks targeted for monitoring rodent activity in sensitive areas or for use as part of a rodent management program.

In many situations active rodenticide is needlessly placed, even though there are no active rodents known to be present. In this circumstance active bait is unnecessary since it is only there for ‘maintenance’ purposes or ‘just in case’. RAT & MOUSE MONITOR BLOCKS offer a non-toxic alternative in such situations to offer a lower risk method of monitoring rodent activity without using poisons.

Another use for RAT & MOUSE MONITOR BLOCKS is to pre-feed. Many studies have shown the benefits of a pre-feeding program to establish a high degree of comfort and a known, safe food source for rodents. After rodent activity is detected, the non-toxic monitors are replaced with an active bait such as MUSKIL or STEALTH BLOCK Rat & Mouse Bait. Since these baits contain the same highly attractive food sources, the rodents readily switch to feeding on same.

Made from highly attractive food sources and enriched with highly palatable ingredients RAT & MOUSE MONITOR BLOCKS retain their attractiveness to rats and mice in damp locations. They are ideal for monitoring rodent activity in sensitive areas such as food processing plants, schools, hospitals and in any other situation where, the use of poisonous baits must be reduced or avoided.

The hole in the center of the RAT & MOUSE MONITOR BLOCK allows them to be easy secured in rodent stations, nailed in place in areas such as roof voids or drainage pits above the water level, while their irregular and sharp-cornered design increases their attractiveness. It is recommended to protect any bait points from non-target animals and from water by using a Protect-us Professional Rat & Mouse Station. Since rodent stations offer a protected environment for rodents this will improve feeding too.

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Rat & Mouse Monitor Block 5kg Label Label (5kg)
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All-weather 25 g extruded block.

Active Ingredient

None – Placebo block to check for presence of rodents.



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