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Professional Rodent Snap Trap


Extremely effective rat and mouse kill trap

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The Protect-us Professional DIY Rodent Snap Trap is an extremely effective rat and mouse kill trap. When a rodent depresses the sensitive internal trap trigger, it activates the crushing jaws which are powered by a heavy duty, high tension spring to trap and kill the rat or mouse. The trap’s serrated teeth ensure there is no escape once a rodent is caught to deliver trapping capabilities that are second to none.

The ‘touch-less’ release system means that rats and mice caught in the device can be disposed of without the need to come in to contact with corpse. Simply open the trap with the trigger control grip and release. To prevent accidentally activating the device, the ‘easy-set’ design allows hands-free arming. A food lure can be added to the trap without the need to set it first.

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