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Goodnature E2 Automated Rodent Trap


The Goodnature E2 is an automated rodent multi-kill system that re-sets to effectively provide instant, humane kills of up to 24 rats or mice at a time.

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The Goodnature E2 is an automated rodent multi-kill system that re-sets to effectively provide the instant, humane kill of up to 24 rats or mice, using just one CO2 canister.

Humane Kills instantly with no suffering – has been independently tested by NAWAC and it meets the Class A Standard.
Non-toxic Contains no poisons. Zero risk of secondary toxicity to wildlife or pets.
Economical Larger spacing between traps, minimum servicing and maximum efficiency

It is powered by compressed gas from a small, recyclable canister. This powers and resets the trap multiple times before needing replacement.

The Goodnature E2 works by striking the skull of the rodent with a glass reinforced polymer piston, killing the pest instantly. This is important since it ensures other rodents are not deterred from investigating the E2 and therefore being killed themselves.

In fact field trials have proven that the E2 can kill several rodents in the one night, with rodents climbing over the bodies of their dead comrades to get to the lure.

Revolutionary research has designed the Protect-us E2 for long term outdoor use with no possibility of secondary poisoning.

The design behind the E2 arises from the management of rats in large scale Wilderness Conservation Programs. Thus it has minimal requirements for servicing, maximum reliability and simplicity, and repeated successful killing of rats and mice.

There are no toxic bait components in the E2 which makes it the perfect solution for all your rodent management needs. The risks of secondary toxicity from poison rodent baits to predatory birds, mammals and our pets are well documented. This risk is simply eliminated with the use of the E2. In addition it is a multi-kill trap, capable of killing numerous rodents, more quickly and efficiently than baits.

Comes ready to use, complete with Goodnature E2 unit, Lure & CO2 Canister.

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