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Bird Stop


Totally new concept in the effective management of pest bird species

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100% natural and pesticide free BIRD STOP; is discreet, non-harmful and highly effective at repelling birds from buildings and other structures.

Flame Shield Gel Technology™; reflects light as a sparkle in the UV-A light spectrum. Since birds see light in the UV-A spectrum, they see the sparkle which resembles flames. This virtual ‘flame shield’ visually deters the birds from landing.

Herbal Extracts; the olfactory component of the gel comes into play when birds try to land. BIRD STOP contains herbal extracts in a natural product base. If the bird gets close, it is repelled by the strong herbal odour.

Non-toxic and non-harmful to birds; birds do not make any contact with the gel at all. It works purely by visual and olfactory cues. The gel is discreetly applied in UV stabilised, low-profile Dishes (supplied) for placement. It does not kill or trap birds, but immediately changes their behaviour so that they fly away. Birds will completely desert a habitat they have been using for years once it is placed.

Works indoors or outside; and has been tested successfully against pigeons, common mynahs, starlings, sparrows, swallows, willie wagtails, gulls, crows and corellas; with birds deterred for up to three years or more.

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Ready to use Gel

Active Ingredients

30 g/kg peppermint oil, 50 g/kg white pepper

Pests Controlled

Pigeons, Mynahs, Starlings, Sparrows, Swallows, Willie Wagtails, Gulls, Crows, Corellas


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