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MultiAg Insecticide


Control insect pests of cotton, fruit, vegetables and ornamentals

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Protect-us MultiAg Insecticide is ideal for DIY use on cotton, ornamentals, turf plus numerous fruit and vegetable crops. Applied on foliage or as a root and stem treatment, Protect-us MultiAg is the first choice to control a wide range of insect pests including various aphids, thrips, beetles (including elm leaf beetle) and more.

The Protect-us range of products have tailored packaging designs and sizes that make them as easy to handle as possible, in quantities and volumes that are affordable and practical. With innovations such as the Protect-us Tip ‘n’ Measure containers, there is no need for you to measure product volumes in a separate measuring jug prior to mixing, you simply tip, measure and pour.

With comparably lower toxicity than many other crop treatment products, and no odour, Protect-us MultiAg is also suited to residential, industrial and commercial use.

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Label Label (3 Litre)
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Additional information


3 Litre


Liquid Micro-fine Suspension Concentrate

Active Ingredients

200 g/L Imidacloprid

Insecticide Group


Pests Controlled

African black beetle (first instar), aphids, Argentinian scarab (first instar), azalea lace bug, billbug (Larve), black peach aphid, brown flea beetle, bronze orange bug, citrus mealybug, elm leaf beetle, flatid, Fuller's rose weevil, green peach aphid, greenhouse thrips, grey cabbage aphid, harlequin bug, hibiscus flower beetle, longtailed mealybug, melon thrips, mirids, Pruinose scarab, psyllids, scarab beetle larvae, silverleaf whitefly, soft scales, turnip aphid, woolly aphid



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