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Dominate Insecticide (Fipronil)


Fipronil based non-repellent insecticide that provides highly effective control of external ants

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Dominate’s active ingredient is 100 g/L fipronil, it is non-repellent in the soil when used at label rates, millipede aggregates and ant nests don’t stand a chance. Large numbers of colony members can be exposed to DOMINATE before the irreversible effects set in, leading to ultimate colony elimination.

DOMINATE absorbs tightly to soil, has low solubility in water, and a low vapor pressure; as do its environmental degradates. Low application rates, combined with the unique DOMINATE formulation also reduces the risk of run-off.

Useful Downloads
Dominate Insecticide Label (1 Litre) Label (1 Litre)
Dominate Insecticide SDS SDS
Dominate Insecticide Leaflet Leaflet

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1 Litre

Active Ingredients

100 g/L fipronil

Pests Controlled

Brown Ants, Black Ants, Grey Ants, Earwigs, Crickets, Millipeads


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